We have 3 major Digital Nomad Mastery – Coaching Programs:


We focus on getting into the mindset of becoming a long-term nomadic traveller We cover all the practical steps necessary to go from thinking about it to actually doing it.

Ricky has developed a unique system called “4 Steps to Travel the World” which includes Save, Sell, Sponsorships, and Salary. Ricky has already helped several clients go from dreaming about traveling to actually buying the plane ticket and traveling long-term.

You will go through budgeting, what to sell and what to keep, how to create a media kit and start getting sponsorships even before you leave your home country!


Ricky has been running the popular family travel website DaddyBlogger.com for over 5 years and has taught his Blog Mastery Workshop in various cities around the world!

Ricky has developed a unique system called “How to Make, Market, and Monetize a Travel Blog” which he has given Keynote Speeches about at various conferences around the world.

In the private and personalized Coaching Program, Ricky will go through how to build up a successful brand around your blog, 10 ways to market your blog and grow your readership, and 3 major ways to monetize your blog.


If you rely on savings alone, you will quickly run out of money.

Therefore, it’s important to start generating multiple streams of online income before you leave and then build them up while you are on the road. We will cover how you too can create a successful Coaching Business while traveling, how to set up and grow your own Mastermind Group, how to create Online Courses on Udemy, how to launch your own Podcast, how to generate Affiliate Income on your website, how to create passive income through YouTube Ad Revenue, and how to run your own Virtual Summit.

Don’t let money be an excuse to not travel. During this Coaching Program, you will have an exact Travel Monetization Blueprint laid out for you and even start generating both active and passive income before our Coaching Sessions end.

Here is a glowing testimony from one of our Coaching Clients!